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Kids Adjustable Free Skating Slalom Inline Skate

ABEC BEARING ----High quality provide a smooth, easy ride,aluminum alloy frame provide stable skate chassis,It is stable tool holder and suitable for high strength roller skating, soles include shock absorbers, give your ankles and knees full protection.
PERFORMANCE LINER ----The materials of the Lining is EVA elastic cotton, also have a stretch band,flexible to adapt to different foot types,make the feet and shoes fit perfectly,breathable,comfortable,washable.
INTEGRATED CNC SHELL ----This design allows allow skates have perfect stability, balance and control when you turning, braking and making fancy move,there is a detachable friction block on the outside of the shoe, which can be replaced when thinned.

Professional Slalom Inline Skates Carbon Fiber Roller Skating Shoes Sliding Free Skating Black Diamond

Removable Lining-----The materials of the Lining is EVA elastic cotton, provide all the cushioning needed, with good protection and plasticity, The Lining is removable, net shape design with good ventilation, convenient for cleaning and drying more
Durable Shoes Shell-----thickening shoes shell, front and rear are ventilation holes, with unmatched quality and durability, skates structure features an integrated shell and frame system with a low balance structure improves balance, control and lateral support
High Quality Bearing-----The design is with aluminum alloy tool holder and non rust, It is stable tool holder and suitable for high strength roller skating, soles include shock absorbers, provide a smooth, easy ride.
Secure Closure-----Triple protection, The safety buckle, Strap and lace closure system work well with the reinforced uppers, It is easy to use and create an additional wrapping effect, help fasten the feet properly into the skate enable a secure fit

Fixed Size Freestyle Urban Slalom Skates for Adult (FSK-F1)

Wheel Size-Freestyle wear-resistant PU wheel with high durability, exceptional grip maintain the perfect of speed, wheel and bearing combination provides a smooth controllable roll and glide.
High Performance-The materials of the Lining is BK cloth, provide all the cushioning needed, with good protection and plasticity, net shape design with good ventilation.
Durable Shoes Shell-thickening shoes shell, made of impact-resistant PP material, with strong impact-resistant rigidity. Can better protect your feet. front and rear are ventilation holes, with unmatched quality and durability, stable and has a lower profile design to lower the center of gravity with speed.
Secure Closure-Triple protection, The safety buckle, Strap and lace closure system work well with the reinforced uppers.

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    One Of The Roller Line Elite

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    Founder Mrs. Rae has been in the industry since 1998 and she has been focused on building the sales team. At present, there are 6 members in the team, all of whom have more than 6 years of experience in the skates industry.We can not only serve all kinds of customers seriously, but also do analysis for customers according to the needs of different markets.

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    The R&D department is responsible for mold design, graphic design, and plant technical analysis.

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How To Choose Different Types Roller Skate

Roller skating is a highly professional sport, and the rollerskates are much more exquisite.
How to choose the right skates, can refer to below suggestion:

Choose the protective boot

It is the best to choose a good protective shell, so that can protect anckle well,especially fro those younger children isn’t easy to let the ankle hurt.

Choose the right size&comfortable sock

Whether the shoes fit directly affects the experience and speed of skating
Know your feet first:The horizontal straight line distance from the tip of the longest toe to the point of the heel.
Place your foot on a piece of paper and mark the sides of your foot with a pen along the white paper, or mark the front and back of your foot separately. The length of the foot is measure according to the drawing of the foot.
Size chart version:

A comfortable sock can make stepping more comfortable, a good sock should be strong and foam should be thick, high density. Cushioning the friction between the foot and shoe shell to protect the foot and prevent chafing and blisters. 

Wheel Frame

When choosing the wheel frame, pay attention to whether the upper shoe and sole connections are secure, the wheel frame and the wheel joint are tight, do not have any gaps. otherwise it is difficult to complete difficult movements.


The bearing on the wheel determines the flexibility of the shoe. The good bearings should be very smooth. When you buy shoes,you can rotate the wheels lightly with your hands.The wheels should rotate evenly, and the sound is subtle and bright and lasts a long time.
ABEC is bearing level , behind of the higher the number, the precision of the bearings better(grade 1,3,5,7,9). Beginners buy shoes with 608 ZZ ABEC-1 or ABEC-3, too fast to be safe.

The wheel

The wheels are usually made of three different materials:plastic, resin and polyester. The wheels of plastic and resinare slightly cheaper,but they are less resistant and less heat-resistant and heat-resistant and can be coasted for a long time. For those who practice for a long time, it is necessary to use the polyester wheel.

The greater the elasticity of the wheel, the better the grip. When you buy , pay attention to the value on the label “A” i s the hardness and “mm” is the diameter of the wheel, such as 80A and 72mm.
Notes On Using Roller Skate


First start practicing in an area where there are not other participants in traffic.


Do not make any alterations and modifications on the design of the boot or body of the inline skates, it will result in reduction of the safety of the product.


Wear Protective gear. Complete protective equipment should include helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist pads.


If adjustable skates, the adjusting is available when you open the plastic part,rotate it counterclockwise until you get the desired size marked on the side of the shoe. Please note when readjust the sizes to be sure that both shoes are same size and that you have locked the plastic part back.


Remove any sharp edges if any have appeared during use.


Do not leave the product exposed to the negative effects of external factors,such as rain,snow and direct sunlight.keep it in dry and well ventilated places.


Clean the inline skates with wet cloth.Do not use corrosive cleaning agents.


Bearings be cleaned with dry cloth and are to be oiled. This increases their period of use and improves the exploitation qualities of the skates.


Check each of the wheels before using. If not turning freely&exist friction or totters, you should check what the problem is. If needs to be replaced, pls contact the after-sales service dep.for consultaion.


Pls don’t skating in wet weather. If you have done, afterwards wipe the boot and the base of the roller skates dry. Remove the sock and make sure that to keep it dry before you put it back to skates. If you are not going to use the skates for a long time it is recommended to fill them with paper and store them at a dark and well ventilated place.

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The Roller Skate FAQ

  • Should kid’s skates to be Tight or Loose?

    It’s not good to be tight or Loose, Adjustable skates are the best choice for children .and parents no need to continually buy new skates as the child grows.
  • How long should a brake on an inline skate last?

    Depending on the terrain conditions that you skate on and the rider weight it may last shorter or longer than a season.You’d better have a replacement brake handy.
  • What kind of bearing shall use for inline skates?

    For kids, an ABEC-3 rated bearing is probably best , moving up to ABEC-5 or 7 as the skill level progress.
  • What kind of skates are easier to use for your child?

    Roller skates are easier for the begginner, 2 wheels in the front and 2 wheels in the back. This structure can helps the child stand more easily, they are easier to balance and provide for a more stable surface when compared to inline skates.
  • How old can a child begin to go skating?

    Generally speaking , as youg as possible.The best age to learn is in the 3-5 year range under the guidance of a professional coach.

Related Products About The Roller Skate

「SIZE ADJUSTABLE」-Size available in EU 26-29, 30-33. The size can be adjusted, perfect for growing children. Kids can adjust by themselves easily via twist the lock micro adjuster,choose the size that suits your kid best, we can guarantee 100% fit if you use our instructions. 「COMFORT」- Low foot-bed position gives a lower center of gravity, ideal for first time skaters. Both skates come with a low mount rear brake ideal for riders learning to skate. Twist lock micro adjuster ensure a comfortable fit size for kids. Removable and washable liner. The 2 part liner easy to wear, wide feet also fit well. 「PRIME PERFORMANCE」- Dual glitter PU light up wheels are mounted wider at the rear than the front for extra stability. The bling bling glitter shell make the skates more fashionable and will have you feeling confident at the rink or skating the streets. 「SAFE & DURABLE」- Durable shoes shell and double buckles will provide you with security protection.
ALL-IN-ONE NEW DESIGN FOR 2019 Toddler and kids 5 in 1 scooter, walking balance bike, ride on, Balnace bike loading 20kgs
HEALTH BENEFITS OF SKATING - Skating is a life skill and healthy activity for all ages You can improve balance, agility, strength and endurance, and have fun while doing it It is a low impact exercise that can be done almost anywhere. It's perfect for individuals or family and friends who want to stay healthy and active. Benefits include stamina, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance, weight control, muscle definition, digestion, and sleep.

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