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What are slalom skates?

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What are slalom skates?

For novices who don't touch skates often, the overall impression of skates is rather vague. So, what are slalom skates?

The following is an outline:

1. What are slalom skates?

2. What's so good about slalom skates?

3. What are the applicable areas of slalom skates?


What are slalom skates?

1. A kind of city skates. It is more suitable for urban streets and cement roads. This kind of skates can provide players with a unique experience of flexibly rotating to avoid obstacles.

2. Known for spinning. The most distinctive feature of slalom skates is that many of its movements are displayed in rotation. Beginners can learn to take the S-curve, the rule is to walk quickly without encountering obstacles.

3. In pursuit of speed. In a sense, skates are a bit similar to hurdles, and both seek to cross obstacles at the shortest speed. In addition, this kind of skating sport has a unique rhythmic beauty, which often appears in various music MVs as edited material.


What's so good about slalom skates?

1. Super flexible wheels. Unlike other ice skates, players can manipulate Chinese ice skates to travel on either the front wheel or the rear wheel. In this way, the player can make a lot of visually impactful actions.

2. The representative of hot fashion. Ten youth advertisements, eight of them have urban skates. It seems that this kind of movement has become a wild and dynamic urban style. Therefore, if you also want to be classified as a weather vane of urban fashion, this type of skate is perfect.

3. The skills are extremely demanding. Without a certain level of operation, it is impossible to skate on this type of skate. Its wheels are sometimes very large, making it more difficult to grasp balance, and it is more speedy. Therefore, if you don't have a certain period of ordinary roller skating experience, don't try urban roller skating hastily.


What are the applicable areas of slalom skates?

1. Cement floor. This type of skate is most suitable for use in cities, and is specifically aimed at leveling cement roads with a certain amount of friction. In this way, the speed and strength of the skates can be best played out.

2. Roller skates. The wheels of city skates are large, and the distance of a force is several times that of ordinary small wheels. Therefore, this type of roller skating requires a wider and sufficient space for movement.

3. park. After all, learning city skating not only meets the needs of improving skills, but also shows it in front of people. Therefore, when there is no suitable relevant competition to participate in, the park is the best small stage. Moreover, the intuitive feedback from people in the park can also help you improve your actions.


In short, slalom skates are cool equipment suitable for young people's sports. GUANGWOODEN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED is a company specializing in the design, development, production and export of skating products. Better slalom skates are available here.

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