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How to skate, teach you some tips.

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How to skate, teach you some tips.

First, you should choose shoes with smaller wheels. If the straight diameter is about 60mm, the wheels should be small and easy to control, and the wheels should be soft.

Second, practice straight-line braking first and then turning. Practice turning more helps to improve your technique.

Third, when standing, you should use the outside eight character feet. If you join your legs inward, you will not slip forward; if you split your legs outwards, you will not slip backward. The ground should be flat. The small wheels have high requirements on the ground. There is no slope. There should be few people. There should be no cars. Pay attention to safety and wear protective equipment.

Fourth, double row skating is the basis of all skating methods. If you slip by yourself, don't slide on your shoes. Try to step first, and then slide forward slowly with the help of the railing. Of course, it's easy to fall.

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