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How to evaluate the roller skate restaurant?

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How to evaluate the roller skate restaurant?

Recently, roller skate restaurants where waiters deliver meals through skating are very popular. In people's impression, the combination of skating as a competitive or leisure sport with the catering industry unexpectedly produced good results. So, how do you evaluate the skating restaurant?

The following is the outline:

1. What are the advantages of roller skate restaurants?

2. What are the disadvantages of roller skate restaurants?

3. How to judge whether it is worth opening a roller skate restaurant?


What are the advantages of roller skate restaurants?

1. A novel way of delivering meals. The skating restaurant recruits skating masters as waiters, which gives people an eye-catching effect. The novel delivery method also attracts many users to shoot and upload related short videos. In this way, the popularity and reputation of the restaurant has been improved.

2. Shorten the delivery time. Skating can increase the speed of a single meal delivery. Moreover, the queue of skaters to deliver meals forms a solitaire, which also has a unique aesthetic in form.

3. Create restaurant features. There are countless good restaurants in the world, but there are not too many restaurants with independent characteristics. In the skating restaurant, the delivery of meals through skating is not only a gimmick, but also injects a young, vigorous and healthy restaurant temperament into the entire restaurant.


What are the disadvantages of skating restaurants?

1. The requirements for personnel are high. The waiter must not only complete the revolving forward in a fixed place, but also ensure the balance and stability of the meal. Therefore, the waiters recruited by the skating restaurant must be professionals proficient in skating.

2. The requirements for cooking skills are high. Skating only attracts customers to dine here, but what really attracts repeat customers is the taste of the food. In addition, customers who are attracted by skating may already have greater expectations. At this time, if the meal is not satisfactory, it will have more negative effects.

3. Limited customers are served. Because when the waiter uses roller skate to serve dishes, one person carries one plate. Therefore, this determines that the number of customers served by the restaurant in the short term is relatively small, and it can only be positioned as a high-end restaurant.


How to judge whether it is worth opening a roller skate restaurant?

1. According to local consumption levels. The characteristics of the skating restaurant determine that it is only suitable for large cities with high consumption levels. For small cities and villages, the pricing of skating restaurants can only lead to more than making ends meet.

2. According to young people’s preferences. The skating restaurant first attracts young people who are in pursuit of novelty and who like sports. Therefore, it is best to open the roller skate restaurant near schools, supermarkets, gyms and other places where young people gather.

3. According to the operating conditions of restaurants of the same type. Observe the restaurants near the selected site, record their daily flow of people and basic consumption, and prepare for pricing.


In short, roller skate restaurants have their advantages and disadvantages. Opening a skating restaurant requires careful consideration of various factors. GUANGWOODEN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED is a company specializing in the design, development, production and export of skating products. The high-quality skating products you need are here.

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