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How to choose the right roller skate fabric?

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How to choose the right roller skate fabric?

Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, wearing roller skates seems to have become a new fashion. So, in the face of different environmental conditions, how to choose the right skate fabric?

The following is the outline:

1. Why choose roller skate fabrics?

2. How to choose roller skate fabrics?

3. What should I pay attention to when looking for suitable roller skate fabrics?


Why choose roller skate fabrics?

1. Different fabrics give people different feelings. Some fabrics are very elastic, but not resistant to abrasion. Some fabrics are harder and wear-resistant, but they don't feel good on the feet.

2. Different fabrics have different functions. The mesh surface is suitable for summer, cool and breathable. The leather is suitable for winter and keeps warm and protects against rain. All kinds of fabrics have their own uses and need to be explored carefully.

3. The applicable scenarios of different fabrics are different. If the skates are only suitable for professional skating rinks, you can choose any comfortable fabric. If there is a lot of dust and debris in the applicable place, flat and seamless fabrics should be preferred.


How to choose roller skate fabrics?

1. According to the applicable season. Different seasons have different temperatures and humidity, just like sandals in summer and boots in winter. Skates also have fabrics suitable for different temperatures and humidity. If you really can’t make a decision, take a look at what kind of skates the people around you are wearing at this time, and then buy the same.

2. According to applicable scenarios. Different scenes require different fabrics, not only for practical needs, but also for aesthetic needs. You can choose youthful canvas fabrics in relatively casual outdoors and parks, and professional fabrics should be worn in formal competition venues.

3. According to the character of the player. Different skate fabrics also imply different personalities. Those with a gentle personality prefer relatively soft fabrics, and those with a cheerful personality prefer relatively hard fabrics.


What should I pay attention to when looking for suitable roller skate fabrics?

1. Follow the seller’s advice. Buyers and sellers should be in a relationship of mutual trust. Don't simply refuse the seller's recommendations and suggestions. You can check the information yourself on the basis of the seller's suggestion and choose the right fabric.

2. Learn about common fabrics. Knowing fabrics is not the exclusive skill of the clothing profession. In order to protect their own interests, ordinary consumers should also understand several common fabrics, such as canvas, mesh, leather, PU and other materials. Consumers should have a basic understanding and functional knowledge of common fabrics.

3. Look and feel are as important as touch. When shopping online, we often only see the appearance design of the roller skates. For online shopping products, you must feel the fabric touch as soon as the goods are suitable. For those that are not suitable, you must cut off and return the goods immediately. Many consumers have procrastination and miss the opportunity to return when they hesitate.


In short, the choice of roller skate fabrics is very important, and consumers need to have a good understanding of relevant information. GUANGWOODEN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED is a company that specializes in designing, developing, producing and exporting skating products. There is a wealth of fabric knowledge here.

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