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How to brake on quad roller skates?

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How to brake on quad roller skates?

As we all know, skates rely on somatosensory braking. However, there are subtle differences in the braking methods of different types of skates. So, how do you brake on quad roller skates?

The following is the outline:

1. What are the braking methods on quad roller skates?

2. What should I pay attention to when braking on quad roller skates?

3. How to stop when the brake fails?


What are the ways to brake on quad roller skates?

1. Lean forward and brake. There is a cylindrical part at the front of the bottom of the four-wheel skating shoe, the purpose of which is to strengthen the front weight of the shoe and make it easier to brake. Therefore, when the brake components are working well, you only need to lean forward to brake.

2. Side-slip brakes. If the skilled veteran is tired of the mediocre braking method, you can also use the side-slip brake. Finish the brakes like a racing car drifting. But this requires superb technology, don't experiment without safety guarantees.

3. Auxiliary tool brake. If novices can't learn to brake, they can find someone to help them, or buy suitable novice equipment. In this way, you can brake with external force.


What should I pay attention to when braking on quad roller skates?

1. Check the landforms in advance. If you are a novice who is not familiar with braking, you must not rush to try unfamiliar terrain. In this way, if there is a special landform, it may be dangerous.

2. Try not to brake quickly. The player's center of gravity is unstable during a sudden brake, and the feet may have been fixed and stopped, but the upper body still rushes forward due to inertia. In this way, you may fall.

3. Even if you ask for help. If you can't stop yourself, don't be embarrassed. Please ask loudly for the help of people around you, even strangers will help you.


How to stop when the brake fails?

1. Find a soft place to fall. If the brakes are not expected to fail, there is no one else around to help. The easiest way is to fall gently.

2. Hold on to the tree. It doesn’t have to be a number. You can hold something safe and comfortable around you as a fixed point. In this way, you don't have to worry about not being able to listen.

3. Use foreign objects to increase power. Everything on the ground can be used for you. For example, the friction of dry leaves is greater than that of the ground in Pinghu, which has the effect of slowing down to a certain extent.


In short, the braking of quad roller skates is very important, and you need to arrange your own time to focus on learning. GUANGWOODEN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED is a company that specializes in designing, developing, producing and exporting ice skating products. For the relevant knowledge of quad roller skates, please come to consult.

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