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How to adjust quad roller skates?

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How to adjust quad roller skates?

The right quad roller skates not only need to pay more attention when buying, but also need to be constantly adjusted during use. So, how to adjust the roller skates?

1. The following is the outline:

2. Why do quad roller skates need to be adjusted?

3. How to adjust quad roller skates?

4. How to judge whether the adjustment of quad roller skates is appropriate?


Why do quad roller skates need to be adjusted?

1. Socks are different in different seasons. Players at different temperatures will wear socks of different thicknesses, so the size of the feet will be slightly different.

2. Even in the same period, different types of socks have different foot feelings.

3. The condition of the feet is different. When the feet sweat a lot, the shoe space required is slightly larger than when the feet are dry. Therefore, quad roller skates need to be adjusted.

4. The usage scenarios are different. In competitive roller skating events, players often need to adjust the roller shoes slightly tighter to better fit the soles of the feet. In normal casual exercises, the skates will be slightly looser.


How should quad roller skates be adjusted?

1. Lace adjustment. Most of the four-wheel skates are closed through the laces, therefore, the most direct and effective way to adjust the laces. Adjust the straps to slightly adjust the width and length of the shoes.

2. Buckle adjustment. A buckle is not just the difference between buckling and unfolding. The buckle strap can also be lengthened or shortened. This may require professional clothing personnel to operate, but it is also very effective if necessary to modify.

3. Insole adjustment. By adding insoles, the space inside the shoes can be reduced. This method can be used when the shoes are a bit big. In addition, the space inside the shoe can also be enlarged by replacing the thick insole with a thin insole. Even the insoles are not only full-foot insoles, but also some insoles for specific parts, such as heel pads, heel stickers, etc., to better help players adjust.


How to judge whether the adjustment of roller skates is appropriate?

1. Take the experience of the feet as the standard. Regardless of the adjustment method, when your feet feel comfortable wearing roller skates, then the adjustment is successful.

2. Consult the seller. There are also some roller skates that have their own design adjustments, so you can consult the seller on what occasions the different shapes correspond to.

3. Consult a friend. Friends can basically judge whether there are other discomforts by watching your roller skating posture and wearing conditions. If the player's sliding movement is very natural during the movement, and there is no lag or unevenness, the adjustment is appropriate.


In short, it is necessary to adjust the roller skates so that players can have a pair of roller skates that fit their feet. GUANGWOODEN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED is a company specializing in the design, development, production and export of skating products. The tips for adjusting roller skates are all here.

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