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How old can a child ride a tri scooter?

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How old can a child ride a tri scooter?

Today, a video of a kindergarten full of tri scooters parked at the entrance of the kindergarten is very hot, and many netizens lament that even kindergartens need to park in an orderly manner. Toddler scooters are so hot, then, how old can a child ride a scooter?

The following is an outline:

1. How old can children ride a tri scooter?

2. How to judge whether a child is suitable for riding a tri scooter?

3. What should young children pay attention to when riding a tri scooter?


How old can children ride a tri scooter?

1. When learning to walk. Don't be surprised, the function of the scooter is very simple, and learning to operate is also fast. Therefore, it is not surprising that some Internet celebrity children ride on scooters when they are just over two years old. Of course, it must be done under the protection of a guardian.

2. Before kindergarten starts. In theory, 3-5 years old is the most suitable time for children to ride a scooter. At this time, children's body movements are already relatively sensitive. In many cases, there is only one scooter between riding a scooter and not riding a scooter.

3. When the child wants a scooter by himself. As children get older, they become more curious about companion toys. Therefore, if you are really unsure when your child should ride a scooter, just look at your neighbor’s child.


How to judge whether a child is suitable for riding a tri scooter?

1. Observe children's sports preferences. Every child is unique, and their respective areas of sports are different. You can place the tri scooter in front of the child and observe the child's movements. If the child is not interested at all, there is no need to consider a scooter.

2. Observe the character characteristics of children. Generally speaking, children with a lively nature will get in touch with scooters earlier and are more likely to like it. At this point, parents know their children best.

3. Observe the emotional performance of young children. Sometimes it is not even necessary for the child to ride the scooter by himself. Parents can make a judgment by observing the cleaning performance of the child on the scooter. If the child smiles at the sight of the scooter, then it is not impossible to put the scooter at home as a mascot.


What should young children pay attention to when riding a tri scooter?

1. Guardian guardianship. Even if the operation of the scooter is simple, the baby has a small body and has little strength, and in many cases, it is unable to cope with emergencies independently. Therefore, the guardian must accompany the whole process, do not let down your guard.

2. Choose a flat and open road. Toddlers riding a scooter are prone to run wild without looking at the road conditions. Therefore, place children's exercise places in relatively safe parks or squares.

3. Choose the right tri scooter. Toddler scooters also have different models for various age groups. Parents should choose the right scooter according to the size and age of the child.

 In short, there is no strict requirement for the age of children riding a tri scooter. As long as the guardian takes good care of them, there is generally no problem with paying attention to safety. GUANGWOODEN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED is a company that specializes in designing, developing, producing and exporting skating products. There are professional children's scooters for you to choose from.

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