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How do roller skate players play short videos?

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How do roller skate players play short videos?

A short video has surpassed traditional media methods such as text and pictures in one fell swoop, and stood at the peak of the new media era in one fell swoop. Among them, there have also been a number of skating short video network celebrities. So, how do skating players play with short videos?

The following is the outline:

1. How do roller skate players shoot short videos?

2. How do roller skate players edit short videos?

3. How do roller skate players operate short videos?


How do roller skate players shoot short videos?

1. Find a partner to be a photographer. Ever since a video of a photographer running faster than a runner in a running race spread, there have been rumors of mysterious and powerful photographers circulating in the world. Therefore, when shooting skating videos, find a friend with a high level of skating, so that you can have a better visual experience.

2. Prepare a tripod. If you can't find a suitable skating god to help you shoot, it's not impossible to shoot by yourself. Prepare one or more tripods, you can set up multiple camera positions, adjust the scene. In this way, when editing later, maybe the blockbuster will be born,

3. Prepare the reflector. Light has always been an important factor in determining whether a character looks good on the mirror, but skating players cannot guarantee that their light will always be appropriate during the movement. Therefore, a reflector is very necessary.


How do roller skate players edit short videos?

1. Download the clip app on your mobile phone. Many people think that video editing is very difficult and only professionals will use it. Then you really underestimate yourself. Just download a few high-download editing apps on your mobile phone, and you may even accidentally find that you can cut out a passable video at your novice level.

2. Self-study on video sites. The most indispensable thing in the Internet age is the spirit of sharing. Almost all professional knowledge can be obtained for free or at a very low price. Many people are only accustomed to searching for professional skills through Google or social media. If you are more open-minded, you will find that the online courses in the university not only describe the steps clearly but also do not charge.

3. Need professional help. If you really don't have the willingness to teach yourself, and you don't want to try mobile APP editing. You can post your needs on the part-time platform and spend a certain amount of money to get satisfactory works.


How do roller skate players operate short videos?

1. Find the account location. Advertising master Rosselisf put forward the USP theory, that is, a unique selling proposition. The account is also like the product you want to sell, it needs to have a unique and unique selling point. Therefore, the skating account should exclusively share skating, and videos of other content should not be uploaded through this account.

2. Attach a suitable topic. Short video media uses topics to contact users with the same hobbies as a traffic pool. Therefore, when operating a skating account, you must remember to add skating related topics and put yourself in the corresponding traffic pool.

3. Pay attention to interaction. The user stickiness of short video accounts comes from wonderful content, and even more from frequent interactions. To run a short video account, you must pay attention to frequent interaction with active fans.


In short, in the era of short video, the short video is no longer unattainable. Skating players can create their own short video world with their own skills, hard work and luck. GUANGWOODEN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED is a company specializing in the design, research and development, production and export of skating products. It can provide all roller skate related products that help roller skate short videos.

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